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Jul 8, 2020

Why We Give

“I initially connected with WWIN through the typical path of supporting a friend at a fundraising event.  We always enjoy summer events and looked forward to having a fun evening meeting new people and enjoying some wine and great food.  It proved to be all of that and so much more.  I was really moved by what we learned and connected to WWIN on a deeper level.

Meeting the Star Scholars and learning about the critical mission of building economic security through education really resonated. I could see myself in these scholars and understand what a difference it would have made with this kind of community support as I traveled my winding path to a career.

My husband and I have been involved with nonprofit organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest, and we believe in the power of education to change a life. We know that gender and racial inequalities exist and that we must work to change the system that holds individuals back. We were inspired by the opportunity to sponsor a Scholar and impact one life deeply. WWIN offered us this possibility, and we have been blown away by Kahmina’s achievements thus far. We know that she will contribute significantly to our community with her degree in biophysics.

Star Scholars have made it through unimaginable obstacles in their lives, they are resilient and they are ready to unlock their full potential. Each Star Scholar has a unique story, but they all have something special to offer. To learn more about the Star Scholar program, please contact Lindie at programs@wwin.org.”

– Laurie Nichols, WWIN Donor

Laurie & Robert at Sip for Stars!

“WWIN would make it possible for me to pursue my education while also supporting my son. I am now a full time student at Central Washington University and I have the cherished support of a WWIN Star Scholar Sponsor.”


Sip For Stars! 2020

This year calls for a new and creative way to join together to raise funds needed to provide scholarships for women to achieve economic stability through higher education.
So, rather than gathering at Januik Winery, we are inviting individuals to be a Wine Host at their home to raise funds for WWIN Star Scholars! Learn More.

The Gap

With support from donors, WWIN will grant nearly $1 Million in scholarship funds this coming year. Women are moving towards economic stability as they build their foundation through education.

Currently, women in Washington State earn 78.3 cents on the dollar compared with their male counterparts, a slightly larger gap than the gap between women’s and men’s earnings nationwide.  When comparing the earnings of Washington State women from each racial and ethnic group with the earnings of white men, the gap is even wider.  The largest group in the labor force, Latina women, face the largest gap, with median annual earnings that are less than half those of white men.

Families headed by single women are disproportionately likely to be poor: 39.4 % of families headed by single mothers have incomes below the poverty line.

Education is one tool to help eliminate the gap. WWIN inspires women to see what’s possible, pursue their goals, and transform their lives and their families’ lives. We empower women to create economic stability through higher education and a living wage career, and we work alongside them as advocates for gender and racial equity. When women thrive, we all thrive.

We know the WWIN community is full of compassionate, caring individuals who want to help.  With the generous support of individuals like you, we can be the one constant a woman needs to continue her path to success. You can help fill the gap by donating, sponsoring, volunteering or advocating.

Celebrate Graduating Scholars

43 WWIN Star Scholars will graduate this year in fields of nursing, logistics, education, health information management, psychology, imaging sciences, media and so much more. We celebrate our graduates regularly on social media, please follow us to help us honor our Scholars.


WWIN empowers women to achieve economic stability providing support throughout their education and career.

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