This virtual workshop series offers all women opportunities to connect, learn new skills, and feel empowered on your journey to fulfilling your goals, dreams, and purpose! Register now for an upcoming free workshop, or watch recordings of our past workshops below.

Watch recordings of our past workshops:

How to Find a Mentor: 10 Steps to Mentoring Relationships that Matter

Presented by Lisa Z. Fain

Learn more

Power of Budgeting

Presented by Colleen Bracy

Learn more

Quieting Your Inner Critic

Presented by Gretchen Remmers

Learn more

Stop Over Thinking and Start Making Confident Decisions!

Presented by Jenn Masse

Learn more

Navigating the New Normal: How to Set Boundaries and Advocate for Yourself

Presented by Christy Abele, Principal Consultant with Lange International

Learn more

Done is Better Than Perfect

Presented by Micha Goebig

Learn more

Shine! Uncover & Activate Your Brand

Presented by Jenn Spicer

Learn more

Fear as Fuel: Moving Your Life Forward

Presented by Carol Gavhane and Judy Lee

Learn more

Turn Trauma into Triumph

Presented by Jennifer Malocha

Learn more

We All Have a TED Talk Within Us

Presented by Erin Loman Jeck

Learn more

Navigating the Salary Negotiation

Presented by Tori Dunlap of Her First 100K

Learn more

Empowering Techniques for Self-Care

Presented by Clem LaFrades, Self-Care and Empowerment Coach

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