We’re Part of Something Big: Karina’s Story

Feb 27, 2024

Karina and her daughters.

From the moment she decided to pursue her college education, Karina was determined to find a career path that would enable her to help others. Working as a peer educator at her daughters’ elementary school, she found herself continuously asking, “How can I do more for these students? What do they need to thrive?”

Karina set her sights on becoming a licensed school counselor, with a goal of attaining a master’s in social work. She is currently enrolled at Central Washington University pursuing her B.S. in Sociology and Psychology. As her studies advance, Karina increasingly finds ways to apply her knowledge not only in her career, but also in everyday life – including parenting three children as a single mom. “Psychology helps me understand the cognitive and behavioral challenges kids can face, but it also gives me practical techniques to help my daughters with their learning disabilities. These life experiences have sparked a desire in me to help other kids succeed and grow.” 

Receiving the WWIN Star Scholarship brought both joy and relief to Karina, easing the financial burden of college while also welcoming her into a community of support. “Empathy, resilience and courage are the values that reflect who I am, and I immediately identified with the mission and purpose of WWIN. It feels amazing to be part of this group of like-minded women who have the same goals and are passionate about making a difference, too. It feels like we are all part of something big.”

As a first-generation college student and daughter of immigrants, Karina feels a sense of gratitude and pride as she moves closer to achieving her dream. “Knowledge is something that stays with you permanently, and it is so rewarding to be on this journey. My parents sacrificed a lot for us, and my whole family are my cheerleaders. I’m forever grateful to have the opportunity to build an even better future for my daughters and to help others as a counselor.”

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