March Updates

Apr 14, 2021

Thank you, Conner Homes, for your support since 2006!

Charlie Conner, founder of Conner Homes, believes giving people tools to help themselves is the best way to help people succeed. When friends introduced him to WWIN, he immediately was drawn to the mission and wanted to be part of it. Meeting the women of WWIN, hearing their stories of how their lives had changed and how they were able to fulfill their dreams inspired him to give. “Even more rewarding than our monetary donation was the sense of helping someone.”

Charlie’s mother taught him early in life the importance of a good work ethic and giving back to the community. Joining the family business when he was only in grade school, brought him the sense of accomplishment of putting things together and bringing value to others, attributes that define the company culture. “Don’t worry about making the next dollar. Figure out how to do a good job at what you’re doing.”

The spirit of giving back is evident in the company’s philanthropy. Originating from Charlie’s mother’s teachings to help where help is needed, employees participate in fundraising and volunteering, looking for opportunities to make a difference financially or where their construction skills can help. They have been supporting WWIN since 2006, generously giving through company contributions and creative employee fundraising activities. “We like the WWIN philosophy and how you operate.”

Charlie knows firsthand the success of a woman who does not give up on her goals. His wife, Anne, is a commercial airline pilot, and the Conner Homes team is made up of many female employees, which is not typical in the construction and home building industry. His advice to our Scholars; “Do something that is going to make society better or make a better product. Do something that you believe in.”

We thank you, Conner Homes, for making a difference in the lives of women across the state. Your support means that more women can attain a higher education and achieve their full potential.

Don’t miss our April and May workshops!

We have two very exciting workshops coming up. First, join us April 21 at 4 pm for our free workshop, 5 Steps to Transform your History of Trauma into your Story of Triumph. This workshop will be led by Jennifer Malocha, transformational speaker, Gestalt psychology coach and licensed minister.

Then on May 12, join us for Fear and Belonging, when we will examine what exactly we are so afraid of and how we can address these fears and give ourselves permission to lean into them. This workshop will be presented by Carol Gavhane; co-founder of Asha Blooms, and Judy Lee; of Judy Lee Photography.

Thank you for your amazing support!

No words can express how grateful we are for the support you provided during our March campaign. With your help, we raised $304,237 and are on our way to sending 200 women to college this year! These women now have the ability to reach their highest potential through higher education and a living wage career. Thank you for everything you do to support the women of WWIN. If you haven’t yet seen the culminating video, watch it now.

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