February Updates

Feb 21, 2021

Inspiring Women

March is a month to celebrate women, not only by recognizing the challenges they face, but by celebrating their accomplishments. Our Star Scholars continue to inspire us with their resilience, strength and determination as they pursue higher education and achieve economic stability. 

Throughout next month’s annual Inspiring Women fundraiser, you’ll learn the stories of some of these amazing Star Scholars and find out how you can support more women like them. Keep an eye on your inbox for weekly Inspiring Women emails, and share them with your friends and family. Together we can make a difference for Washington state women. Also, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn for updates. 

Now accepting Star Scholar applications for 2021-2022

Do you know someone who’s attending college in the fall? Each Star Scholar receives up to $5,000 per academic year and up to $20,000 over her undergraduate college career at the approved Washington state college or university of her choice.

Taking advocacy to new levels: Amber’s story

Amber is no stranger to obstacles. An unstable family situation forced Amber to leave her home at age 12. Despite the instability, she focused on her education and became the first in her family to graduate from high school with a full ride scholarship to Washington State University.

Amber was on the pre-law track when she started struggling with depression and addiction. She eventually dropped out of school. Although she tried to seek treatment, after inevitable drug charges she was only offered prison.

But Amber did not give up. Rather, she used her experience in prison to propel her into advocacy. She went on to co-found The Revive Center for Returning Citizens, a peer-led non-profit organization.

Amber re-enrolled in college and was awarded a WWIN Star Scholarship. She will be graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work this June and was accepted into Gonzaga University School of Law, where she’ll pursue her Juris Doctor along with a Master’s in Social Work to take her advocacy to new levels. And she is already looking forward to giving back.

“I can’t wait to be a WWIN donor some day!”

Amber, WWIN Scholar

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