Inspiring Women Luncheon

Mar 28, 2018

WWIN’s Inspiring Women Luncheon was well attended by an enthusiastic crowd of over 700, who were treated to the gift of song from the ConBrio Choir. It continues to humble and inspire us to see so many philanthropic people gather to lift women up. Bindu Sutaria, our Board President, reminded us that WWIN is here for women who are ready to transform their lives, and these healthcare and education grants are a gateway to a brighter future. She pointed out that by providing women with these grants the donors are able to give the gifts of Empowerment, Opportunity, Confidence and Inspiration. These four gifts are the foundation for our work at WWIN, by offering these along a women’s journey, we are helping her star to shine brighter.

Three past grant recipients demonstrated values of courage and integrity as they bravely shared their stories:

WWIN provided Erin the encouragement she needed at a critical time in her life when she almost stopped believing in herself. Now she is on her way to the University of Washington to complete a double major in mathematics and looks forward to a bright future helping to inspire resilient women like herself.

Deane was awarded a WWIN education grant in the 90’s and earned her Bachelor’s Degree.  She went on from there to achieve her Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology. She shared her love and appreciation for WWIN’s founder Julia, expressing how much she deeply respected Julia’s generous heart and commitment to improving the lives of so many women.

Jaliyah’s Star Story Video told us about the impact of her education grant: it was an unparalleled confidence boost that not only altered the trajectory of her life’s accomplishments but also inspired her younger siblings to believe that more is possible.

The work of lifting others is something we cannot do by ourselves and we extend our deepest appreciation to our sponsors and table captains. Their dedication to engaging others in our work and for creating pathways for new donors to help women like Erin, Deane and Jaliyah shine, is the energy that will take us forward.

Thank you to all, for your continued partnership and dedication to this life-changing work. We look forward to seeing you at the luncheon next year!

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