Make college dreams reality

Apr 5, 2023

Your support helps make college dreams a reality for more inspiring women.

We are so grateful to everyone who has participated in the Inspiring Women campaign each year in March. Your engagement and support have made a world of difference to Star Scholars like Olivia.
With the launch of Elevate, our single fundraising event that will take place this September, we have consolidated our events – but our mission and the support we provide to each Star Scholar continues year-round. Your support during this spring season is as important as ever.
Will you make a gift today to help a woman like Olivia succeed?

You can make your gift online or mail your check to the following address:
WWIN232 5th Ave S
Suite 201
Kirkland, WA 98033
You can also ask WWIN to contact you directly about your gift.
Thank you for your steadfast support for women’s education. Each time a woman succeeds, she opens the door to opportunity wider for those who follow in her footsteps. Together, we are making the future brighter for communities across Washington state.

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