Thank you, Fulcrum Capital

Oct 26, 2022

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WWIN Executive Director Deb Frockt (center) with Fulcrum Capital’s Robert Gilmore, Kathryn Haggitt Fisher, Janet Welcher, and Michelle Mathieu (left to right) at WWIN’s Sip for Stars in September

Thank you, Fulcrum Capital, for your dedication to women’s success!

Respect, dignity, and the drive to help women achieve independence and stability: these shared values have united Fulcrum Capital and WWIN throughout a five-year partnership. Fulcrum is a longtime WWIN sponsor, and this year, the firm became the presenting sponsor for Sip for Stars. Fulcrum’s CEO and Chief Investment Officer Michelle Mathieu reflects, “What I love about WWIN is that its mission is not just about providing access to education, but also about treating women with respect and dignity and being a true partner in helping them succeed.”

Michelle values the personal support and career readiness skills that WWIN provides to each Star Scholar. She says, “Our partnership with WWIN is an important part of our commitment to our communities. The women of WWIN already have the power within themselves to achieve what they set out to do; we are simply a catalyst that helps make opportunity possible.”

Courage and humility have been vital to Michelle’s own career path as a leader and financial advisor, and she sees these attributes as critical for anyone seeking to cultivate greater independence and stability. “Don’t just be ready,” she advises, “Get ready. Continue to improve yourself: train, learn, and grow. Be intentional about the partners you choose, and make sure to have fun along the way.”

We are so grateful to Michelle and the Fulcrum team for their steadfast support for our Star Scholars. Thank you creating opportunities for women in Washington to realize their full potential!


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