October Updates

Nov 1, 2020

More than a scholarship program

Receiving the acceptance letter to a four-year program is one of the most exciting moments for our Scholars—it’s also the beginning of a myriad of challenges they face. 

That was the case for Kahmina, who is currently the president of the biophysics club, an active member of the rocket club and the only woman of color in the biophysics department at Central Washington University. She not only faces the difficult challenges familiar to most college students but also the true lived-experience of being the only woman of color in her department. Kahmina says, “during group work, people don’t take me seriously, and I get negative comments when I speak up.“ She describes a particularly rough day when she came out of a six-hour lab feeling discouraged and received a pleasantly surprising note from WWIN saying, When you’re having a hard day, keep on going. 

To her, WWIN is more than a scholarship program. The support she receives from WWIN and her sponsor are what continue to motivate her as she applies for her Ph.D. in neuroscience! 

Activate You: Empowering techniques for self-care

We’re a few weeks away from the first Activate You Women Empowerment Conference Workshop. On November 11 at 4 p.m. PST, Clem LaFrades—self-care empowerment coach and sound healing specialist—is kicking us off with Empowering Techniques for Self-Care. This first workshop is packed with accessible wellness techniques that support your mental and physical health. If you are feeling ready to wave the white flag of surrender for this year to be over, then you do not want to miss this! 

Realign with your intentions and join us for this free interactive workshop. 

Register today, and save the date! 

Introducing the new wwin.org

We’re excited to introduce our newly designed website, which continues to reflect the bold and inspiring qualities we admire in our Scholars, while building on the foundation of our important mission!

Since the beginning, WWIN has been improving women’s lives with programs that help women achieve economic stability. The transformation of our website allows future Scholars to easily apply to our programs and enables donors to be a part of a life-changing experience with a much smoother event registration and donation process. 

This refreshed design ensures all women have equal access to the right opportunities and WWIN programs. Our mission is to empower every woman, and in that spirit, we created a destination for every woman to feel worthy. 

Help us celebrate this new milestone for WWIN by heading over to our website and sharing it with your friends and family! 

Thank you for continuing to support WWIN. 

I am so thankful to WWIN for enabling me to pursue my education, so I can turn this future I dream of into a reality.

Constance, WWIN Grantee

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