June 2022 Update

Jun 28, 2022

Congratulations to our graduating Star Scholars!

This year, approximately 70 WWIN Star Scholars will walk across the graduation stage. For each woman, this moment means the realization of a cherished dream, and it is the result of years of hard work, focus, and determination. We are so proud of each of our graduates and delighted to celebrate their success.

Each year, WWIN Star Scholars have exceptionally high completion rates – a testament to their personal drive and commitment as well as the impact of financial support and the community of encouragement WWIN provides. 

While we are still compiling this year’s data, a look back at our Alumnae Survey from 2021 paints a picture of the remarkable success of WWIN Star Scholars:

  • 99% of Star Scholars completed their degree or stayed enrolled in school, nearly double the statewide average completion rate
  • 67% have attained a Bachelor’s degree and 18% an Associate’s degree with WWIN’s partnership; 6% have gone on to earn a Master’s or Ph.D.
  • 84% are now currently employed, 72% full time
  • 91% of graduates who are employed feel economically stable
  • 100% responded “yesWWIN helped me achieve my goals”

Your support makes these life-changing achievements possible. When you support a woman’s education, you help her achieve economic stability that lasts a lifetime. Hear from this year’s graduating Star Scholars in their own words:

“My WWIN Star Scholarship has shown me that I can achieve my dreams and live my life giving back to the community. I now have renewed faith and strength for my future graduate education. Thank you, WWIN! I am forever grateful for all that you have provided and supported me through!”


“Being a WWIN Star Scholar was very motivating. It added an additional level of accountability knowing that such an incredible organization was investing in me. Having WWIN behind me the whole way was an extra source of pride and motivation in finishing my degree!”


“WWIN has brought peace to my dark days when nothing seemed possible. When COVID hit and my mother lost her job, I came across the WWIN community. WWIN’s help enabled me to overcome financial hardship, focus on my studies, and finish my Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honors. I couldn’t be more grateful. WWIN has empowered me to become stronger and more educated so I can give back to my community as a future nurse.”


Will you make a gift to support a Star Scholar in academic year 2022-23? When a woman sees what’s possible, she aims high. With the right support, she reaches her full potential. And when she succeeds, her community thrives. It starts with one woman.

Steve Varon, a Trustee of the Mary See Foundation

Thank you, Mary See Foundation, for your steadfast support for the women of WWIN!

For Steve Varon, a Trustee of the Mary See Foundation, investing in women’s education is the key to a better future. “WWIN is one of our favorite organizations because its mission matches ours so closely. We are committed to helping people overcome hardships and build better lives. It’s hard not to get excited about WWIN and what it’s doing for our community.”

The story of See’s Candies began a century ago when chocolate salesman Charles A. See quickly found a roaring market in Los Angeles for the delicious candies made from his widowed mother Mary’s original recipes. By 1976, the company was selling Mary’s candies internationally – and in 2014, See’s Candies was named one of America’s greatest brands. Mary’s grandson, Charles B. See, created the Mary See Foundation in 1978 to honor Mary’s legacy and to help support communities across the Northwest and the Bay Area. Steve joined the Foundation Board in 1995 and has been a vocal advocate for WWIN for three decades; and the Mary See Foundation has generously supported WWIN Star Scholars throughout this time.

Steve is impressed with the strength and tenacity of the women of WWIN and their commitment to attaining their higher education – as well as the personal support and encouragement that WWIN provides to each Star Scholar. “No one can be unmoved by the testimonies of WWIN’s Star Scholars. WWIN does a fantastic job finding and supporting the individuals who will truly make the most of every opportunity. This is an organization that builds trust and deeply invests in each woman, helping her become independent and financially stable for a lifetime.”

Steve encourages today’s Star Scholars to stay the course: “Keep reaching to meet your potential – as a Star Scholar, you have a ton of it!”

Thank you, Steve, and the Mary See Foundation, for your enduring support for the women of WWIN! We are so thankful to have you as part of the WWIN community.

Save the date for Sip for Stars!

Where: Novelty Hill and Januik Winery, Woodinville, WA
When: Saturday, September 17, 2022
Time: 6pm to 8pm

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