Your gift made the difference for Simone!

Sep 28, 2015

“I cried the moment I got the grant– and I’m not a crier.”

Simone says, “It was like the biggest weight was taken off my shoulders. I called my mom and we both cried. It was indescribable.”

Simone’s journey to receiving your help had been a long one. “I started working at a makeup counter to pay for school. There were times working at the counter that I thought, ‘Maybe I’m dreaming too big, maybe school isn’t for me, maybe I’m not supposed to finish my education.”

Thankfully, Simone had you on her side. Your gift helped Simone finish her undergraduate degree, and she’ll be starting law school next year!

“I’ve wanted to be a lawyer my whole life. My dad went through the foster system as a kid, and I want to work in child advocacy law to protect kids from having the same experiences my dad had in his life.”

For Simone, receiving an education grant was life-changing. It’s amazing but true that, thanks to your generosity, Simone graduated from Saint Martin’s University and will soon be entering law school! You will have helped her go from working at the makeup counter to protecting children in the foster care system!


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