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Jan 31, 2023

Highlights from our FY22 annual report

WWIN’s work changes lives and communities for the better. We know because we see it each day in the achievements of our Star Scholars – and we know because the data bears it out. When a woman attains a college education, she enjoys greater earning potential, economic stability, and sometimes even better health – and that difference lasts for a lifetime. Here in Washington state, a report released this month showed that students from low-income backgrounds who received financial aid go on to surpass their parents’ income within only three years of graduation.* This is what generational change looks like. 

Your support has given me the chance to do much more with my life than I ever thought possible. For that, I will always be grateful. Thank you for your generosity, kindness, and belief in me.

Nyilah, WWIN Star Scholar

What we have built together is extraordinary. Since 2014, when we launched our renewable Star Scholarship program with just eight women, we have witnessed exponential growth. This past year, WWIN supported nearly 200 Star Scholars, each of whom showed remarkable vision, self-determination, and purpose as she moved toward her goals. As our programs have grown, so has our holistic support for each Scholar – and so has our community’s commitment and belief in women’s potential. Time and again, our Scholars tell us that this personal encouragement makes all the difference in their journeys.

We invite you to explore your impact this year by reading our FY22 annual reportWe are so grateful for all you do to help Washington women achieve their dreams. Together, we are transforming the future in our state, one woman at a time.

*”Intergenerational Economic Mobility of Need-Based Financial Aid Recipients in Washington: Evidence from Three Years After Postsecondary Graduation,” Washington Student Achievement Council, November 2022.


Investing in a woman is the best way to ensure a successful future for all of us.
You can help transform our community, one woman at a time.

WWIN is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Tax ID 91-1559848


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