Dreaming the future

Jan 30, 2017

Dreams can come true, especially when you are brave enough to share them. That’s exactly what WWIN did when they hosted “DreamNight” this past November.

WWIN grantees, staff and board members were joined by 100 guests at Seattle’s trendy Studio 3, where they mingled among tables strewn with their tools for the evening: magazines, glue sticks, scissors and poster boards. Everyone was encouraged to create a personal “Dream Board” – a collage of pictures and words representing things they want to accomplish and experience in their lives.

It was a tangible demonstration of what WWIN does every day: empower women to help make their dreams come true.

Throughout the evening prominent community members shared their stories, proving that real success means living your true life’s passion and helping others live theirs. They know that WWIN embodies this approach and praised the organization for its 25 years of supporting women in need.

Celebrity chef and nutrition consultant Kirsten Helle spoke about her past challenges as a single mother working to provide for herself and her kids. “I wish I’d known about WWIN back when I was struggling,” she said. “Their impact is immeasurable because it’s not just the women who receive grants who are empowered; it’s also their families and communities.”

Other special guests included TV and media personality Breanne Rice, former Seahawk Joe Tafoya, Grammy Award-winning rap artist Xola, Mrs. America 2017 Natalie Luttmer, and recipient of the Washington State Bar Association’s Outstanding Young Lawyer Award, Vincent Humphrey.

WWIN’s own dream board represents the goal of giving education and health care grants to every eligible woman in Washington: images of strong, happy women lifted up by WWIN and the community; glossy pictures of smiling celebrities; bold and distinctive company logos. The dream board illustrates the human and financial resources that will ensure WWIN’s continued success.

Today, with its dreams envisioned and the support of new partners, WWIN is poised for a bright 2017, and another 25 years of making Washington women’s dreams come true.


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