Highlights from the Star Scholar class of ’22

Aug 24, 2022

WWIN works! 

We are delighted to share some of the highlights and accomplishments of our Star Scholar class of 2022. This year, 70 Star Scholars graduated; and among these women, 80% are now employed or have plans to attend graduate school. In their exit surveys, 100% responded yes, WWIN helped them feel encouraged, supported, and empowered.

In their own words, two of this year’s Star Scholars share their gratitude and excitement for the future:

“I’m extremely grateful for the scholarship that WWIN gave me. It relieved many financial burdens and let me use my time to hone my skills as a researcher so that I could successfully apply and get accepted to several PhD programs across the nation.”

Kim, WWIN Star Scholar, Bachelor of Science, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and Biochemistry, University of Washington ’22

“Thank you for having the heart and faith needed to propel so many women, young and old, to believe in themselves. It was from day one of submitting my application that I began to feel supported and believed that I could accomplish the unthinkable. I don’t even have the words to describe the support I have received from WWIN. I don’t think I could have made it through the many obstacles I endured while achieving my bachelor’s degree. I am very grateful, and I will be sending many women your way in the near future.”

Patricia, WWIN Star Scholar, Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Seattle University ‘22

Crossing the graduation stage represents a significant achievement and a dream fulfilled for the women of WWIN – and it is especially meaningful for the 60% of our Star Scholars who are the first in their families to achieve a college degree

Among the Star Scholars WWIN supported in 2021-22:

  • 26 years old was their average age
  • 45% were the primary provider for their households
  • 28% were mothers, and more than half of these women were single mothers
  • $38,706 was their average household income for a family size of three

For 30 years, WWIN has made a profound impact on women’s lives, providing both financial support for education and a community of encouragement to help women succeed. This year, WWIN awarded $765,137 in support to Star Scholars.

Our mission is urgently needed: in 2020, women in Washington state still earned only 80 cents for every dollar men earned (compared to 82 cents nationally).* Higher education is a crucial factor in improving women’s lifetime earnings: with a bachelor’s degree, women earn a lifetime median of $2.4 million (an increase of $1.1 million compared to women with only a high school diploma). When you help a WWIN Star Scholar achieve a college degree, you make a difference that lasts a lifetime.Will you make a gift today to help a woman complete her education and achieve financial stability?

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Women in the labor force: a databook (March 2022)


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