Authoring her own future: AriAnna’s story

Jun 1, 2023

AriAnna enjoying her studies abroad in London, standing above Regent’s canal near Camden Market. 

For AriAnna, writing is a gateway that enables her to explore, understand and impact the world. Growing up, she loved to read, but she struggled with dyslexia – an obstacle that disappeared when she was immersed in her creative process. “I feel so focused when I’m writing. It’s very dear to my heart,” she says. “At Bellevue College, my English professors began to tell me, ‘You’re really good at this. You should focus on it.’ It was the first time I was in a setting where someone encouraged me in that way.”

AriAnna wasn’t sure she could afford to pursue a Bachelor’s degree, but she was deeply motivated to continue her education. Receiving the WWIN Star Scholarship gave her the chance to build on her progress and transfer to the University of Washington, where she is now a double major in English and Art. “WWIN’s financial support was a huge relief,” she says. “It helped me make the leap to go to UW. But just as important is the encouragement: having someone out there who is willing throw in their lot with me and see how I do. Someone rooting for me feels like a new experience in this world.” 

AriAnna at the Guild Chapel in Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare’s hometown). 

AriAnna has embraced all the opportunities college has offered her. She recently completed an editorial internship with Holy Press, a poetry publishing house, and broadened her horizons further through study abroad. She envisions a variety of possible career paths, including copyediting and publishing. “I’m in college for two more years, and I’m going to try everything I can while I’m here. I want to keep challenging myself, and in addition to getting a good job, my dream is to write novels one day.”

She offers a word of advice to those considering taking the first step to follow their dreams: “Have a little faith in yourself. Sometimes it’s blind faith! But just keep trying and being kind to yourself. There are people out there, like WWIN, who want you to succeed.”


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