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Pauline Bach, ACC

Website Email • 425-922-4488

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I have a passion to empower others in their wellness journey with life transitions, stress, and weight management. My background as a cardiac nurse along with a certification from the NB-HWC (National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches) enables me to guide clients to be their best self so they can show up for themselves, their family or work living life in balance.

Monica Blake, PCC

Website Email • 323-363-8549

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Partner with me to elevate your personal life and achieve your career goals.

Skye Brothers, ACC

WebsiteEmail • 206-972-4225

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Skye is a professional career coach looking to partner with you to guide you through the next phase in your life – developing a stellar career path. She has 20+ years of multi-industry, multi-discipline experience.

Tamarra Causley Robinson, PCC


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Tamarra enjoys working with women who are ready and willing to realize their true potential. Her values of integrity, laughter, and honesty play into her ability to meet her clients where they are and provide the tools and techniques to gain inner strength, stability, and confidence to thrive.

Jenn Masse, PCC

WebsiteEmail • 484-532-8835

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Jenn Masse, Certified Mindset and Empowerment Coach, is passionate about empowering women to develop the tools, strategies and mindset required to break through limitations, unleash their full potential and achieve success on their terms.

Jennifer Nielsen, PCC

Website Email • 571-318-2897

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As a first-generation Asian-American, loving wife and dedicated working mother, Jennifer is aware of the impact her culture and background had in her career choices and direction. As a female professional, she has learned the hard way of the importance of being courageous, confident, politically savvy and inspiring.  Therefore, she became a certified leadership and executive coach to support others in their professional journey to strategically navigate their career, elevate to their full potential and co-create their best work and life. Her coaching style is empowering, exploratory and actionable.

Michelle Nitz, PCC

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Michelle is a PCC level ICF certified leadership and career coach guiding individuals as they design their life and career ambitions, make decisions at critical choice points in their life, or execute a successful job search or life transition plan. As the former Executive Director of WWIN, Michelle is passionate about inspiring confidence and providing encouragement to female executives and emerging leaders.

AnnMarie Stankovich, BCC, LMHC

Website • Email • 206-354-6384

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I enjoy helping women redefine how they see themselves and helping them find the courage to own their goals and achievements proudly. Through many years of experience as a psychotherapist and coach, I have developed effective strategies to help women overcome the self-defeating thoughts that keep them stuck and unhappy. I inspire women to break through their roadblocks and become empowered to pursue their dreams.

Jenna Starkey, PCC

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I like to call myself a Fulfillment Coach, a name that blends my life and career coaching experience with my commitment to living a full life. I believe my purpose is to help people like you find and realize what lights you up, to align your one precious life with values for greatest fulfillment, and to help you access your personal potential, make meaningful impact, and sustain more creative flow and joy.

Janneke van den Berkmortel, ACC

Website Email • 425-503-0063

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Janneke empowers you to unleash your human potential, achieve economic stability and drive sustainable impact for you, others around you and our world.

Anne van Gessel, ACC

WebsiteEmail 206-963-7938

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Anne is an author, blog writer, and certified Life Coach. Anne’s mission is to help others recognize the highest expression of themselves, break negative patterns, defy stagnation, and share in a universal self-awareness. Her work empowers people to live an authentic life with a sense of purpose, wellness, and joy.

Kym Ward Gaffney, PCC

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Kym Ward Gaffney known as “KWG” is an experienced, certified executive coach. KWG is committed to coaching the “whole person” and respecting the uniqueness of one’s personal experiences. She enjoys the challenge of creating new beginnings and believes that every individual deserves an opportunity to thrive in life.

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