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    • 6,000 Grantees Post

      WWIN celebrates awarding more than 6,000 grants since 1992!

      WWIN is excited to announce that we have awarded over 6,000 grants since we were founded by Julia Pritt in 1992! Our beginnings: Julia Love Pritt founded WWIN in 1992 in honor of her mother. She…

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    • Grantee Photo Collage

      A sneak peek at our 54 new education grantees!

      We are so happy to share the great news that we have just selected 54 amazing women to receive WWIN education grants! Over 315 women submitted applications in October, making this one of our most c…

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    • giving tuesday 2


      Begin your day by giving generously to a courageous woman of WWIN! Your gift will provide her with the health care and education she so desperately needs to change her life and to make her families fu…

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  • Testimonials

    • wwin-star_220px

      Life can seem really hard, and sometimes it is hard. You just have to keep going, one step at a time. WWIN is there to help even when it seems like it’s not going to happen. Just don’t give up.

    • wwin-star_220px

      Thank you for everything you did for me. The grant truly helped make huge positive changes in my life.

    • wwin-star_220px

      Living in poverty my whole life has made me a very strong woman. Receiving a WWIN grant has made me a very grateful woman.

    • wwin-star_220px

      I will be able to provide a better life for my children … I have a career now instead of a job.

    • wwin-star_220px

      The assistance I received from WWIN allowed me to rebuild my self-esteem, to know that I can take care of myself, make a good living for my family, and be a good example for my children.

    • wwin-star_220px

      WWIN gave me a chance during a very hopeless time in my life.

    • wwin-star_220px

      WWIN has given me the confidence I needed to prove to myself that I can succeed in life! This means more to me than I can express.

    • wwin-star_220px

      Thank you so much for all your understanding and help during this challenging time in my life. I’m so grateful that you bring help to people like myself.

    • wwin-star_220px

      I hope all of you at WWIN realize how important your work is, and how much you are appreciated. You have made my life bearable and for that you have my never ending gratitude.

    • wwin-star_220px

      I’m so thankful for WWIN’s priceless gift! I celebrate everyone at WWIN and your generosity! Thank you for contributing to my bliss.

    • wwin-star_220px

      Thank you for the gift of therapy. Thank you also for the song in my heart. I so needed both.

    • wwin-star_220px

      The assistance I received from WWIN was the foundation for what is now a very bright future.

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