Incredible Timing

Apr 28, 2015

Emma was in trouble.  She wanted to become a nurse but was really struggling to pay for her education and living expenses.  “It was overwhelming,” she said.

That’s where you came in!  Your gift helped Emma receive a life-changing education grant to continue her studies.

“The day that I received that call I had two maxed out credit cards.  Knowing I had the money to go to school took a huge, huge burden off.  It allowed me to keep paying for food!”

Today, Emma is a 4.0 student and loving it.  “At first, classes were really overwhelming.  I felt like I was plunging into unknown territory.  It was also really exciting knowing that I had a goal and was able to move forward with it.

“I’m a person who wants to support people who are low-income and disadvantaged.  It’s really wonderful to receive that support in my own life as well.”

You helped Emma attend school!  She’s doing great, will be a fantastic nurse, and is so thankful for you!


Investing in a woman is the best way to ensure a successful future for all of us.
You can help transform our community, one woman at a time.

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