Thank you!

I want to say thank you so much for the support and helping me get to where I am today.”

– Star Scholar, Jen

Thank you for joining us in March for our Inspiring Women campaign as we celebrated resilience.

Throughout the month, you heard firsthand from WWIN Star Scholars as they spoke about their experiences in the face of adversity. If you’d like to hear more inspiring stories, please sign up for our newsletter.

Your donations made a difference in the lives of women throughout Washington state! And while our annual fundraiser is over, rest assured your continued support has a lasting impact. Consider making a monthly pledge or a one-time donation.

A very special thank you to our Champions who helped us raise over $300,000 to support women in their pursuit of economic stability through higher education and living wage careers.


Adrien and Carol Zeumault
Amber Marcu
Amy Whaley
Andy Pletz
Barbara Nelson
Bindu Sutaria
Bouchra Agoura
Brad Goode
Britni Babington
Christian Ursino
Cristina Serra
Cynthia Garlough
Dave Carroll

Diane Najm
Elizabeth Sholander
Erin Jagelski
Gail Lapasin
Ivy Edmonds-Hess
Janette and Bill Adamucci
Jen Sapel
Jennell Hicks
Jennifer Nielsen
Jiawen Shi
Julie Leingang
Kathleen Miller
Lark and Gary Young

Laurie Nichols
Lee and Shaney Rudolph
Lori Cummings
Malia Radford
Michelle Nitz
Molly Cole
Monica Blake
Nadine Holm
Nickie Smith
Nonna Davydova
Rhonda Gardiner
Rick Driftmier
Robin Carey

Roz Schoof
Shari Leid
Shawn & Stephanie McCord
Susan Stead
Sylvia Dunham
Tiffany Crosby
Tracy Crowley
Tricia Bolender

Shining Stars

Shining Stars are friends of WWIN who have given $1,000 or more to the March Campaign

Bill and Janette Adamucci
Sylvia and Oris Dunham
George Puckett
Christian Manley
Patty and Steve Fleischmann
Michael Coulson and Patricia Orellana
Courtni and Charlie Billow
Debra and Mark Perry
Amber and Florin Marcu
Nadine and John Holm 
Judy Jacobson
Kathleen and Dudley Miller
Lori and Jeff Cummings
Andy Pletz and Dave Brzusek
Jane Gallagher
Cindy Demeules
Jennifer and Bill Pollard
Sarah Warner
Shari and Rory Leid
Cynthia Creasey
Margaret Richter 
Sheila and Harley Moberg
Michelle Nitz and Chris Ollom
Ivy Edmonds-Hess
Cristina Serra
Monique Scher
Rosalind Schoof and Jeffrey Oster
Cindy and Brian Whiteside
Michelle Terry
Jon Sortland
Marilyn Chisholm
The Young Family
Connie Yenne
Barbara Nelson
Sheila Swenson
Nanette Latham
Kathleen Kemper and Gary Smith
Dr. Ellen Beauchamp
The Sample Family Fund
Lauren Bell
Laurel and Wayne Hill
Christian Ursino

Thank you!

Star Scholar: Jen

When Jen became pregnant and left school, she was uncertain how she would ever return. With WWIN’s help she did—and today she is a nurse with a job she loves and a desire to encourage other women to go for their dreams and never give up. She’s also grateful for the opportunity to be a role model for her daughter. Of course, she would not be living the life she is now without your support. You helped her gain confidence in her abilities and create a better future for her and her daughter.

Star Scholar: Rasha

If you looked up the definition of “resilience” in the dictionary, there’s a good chance it might say, “Rasha.” An Iraqi immigrant, Rasha came to America as a young teenager, with little knowledge of English and little motivation for school. Today, however, Rasha is on her way to becoming a pilot. Between working the graveyard shift, taking classes and flying test flights, Rasha has little time for sleep, but it doesn’t deter her. Neither does the fact that only seven percent of pilots worldwide are women. In fact, in spite of these obstacles, she moves forward to achieve her goals.

Star Scholar: Ayana

Ayana is a senior in college who seeks to bring awareness to environmental injustice. Ayana had to overcome the loss of her father as a child and now helps support the care of her younger brother. In addition, she faces systemic barriers as one of only a few women of color at her university. Yet, despite these enormous challenges, she moves forward with a positive outlook as she pursues her dreams.

Star Scholar: Elizabeth

Elizabeth grew up on an orchard in a rural town near Wenatchee; her family worked in agriculture. Determined, she was excited to pursue a degree in journalism when her mother became ill and then sadly passed away while Elizabeth was in college. Devastated, Elizabeth returned to school because she knew her mother would be proud of her. That’s when she found WWIN. “WWIN has been near and dear to my heart,” Elizabeth said. “It became almost part of my healing process.” Elizabeth returned to finish school, and today, she is a producer at KEPR where she has been of service to her community by producing stories about COVID during the pandemic. We know her mother would be very proud of her and her career.

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