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Always give back.
Never give up.

There is a star in each of us. WWIN wants to let it shine. It was 25 years ago that Julia Love Pritt started a movement that has positively impacted the lives of over 6,000 women across our state, not to mention their families and communities.

For so many, stories of struggle have been replaced by stories of hope, gratitude, courage and dreams fulfilled. This year, we celebrate a quarter century of inspiring women.

It only takes one inspired
woman to make a difference.
Watch Julia's story.

If you educate a woman, you educate a family.

— lark, wwin donor

Thanks in great part to my WWIN grant I was able to break free from my violent marriage. A supportive community has replaced extreme isolation and…my life is bright and full of love.

— Misty, Health Care Grant Recipient

This grant was a massive dose of hope and enhanced everything I was doing to create a fantastic life for my daughter and me. Support in dark times made all the difference.

— Angela, Education Grant Recipient

I’m not sure I would have been able to finish school without WWIN…I’m very happy with my career and the ability to provide for my family.

— Christy, Education Grant Recipient

Many doors have opened for me as a result of renewed confidence and I will never forget WWIN for their help. The dignity they restore to women with nowhere else to turn is a gift beyond measure.

— Aladia, Health Care Grant Recipient

The grant award validated that I was on the right path, that my vision, what I feel, is true.

— Adriana, Education Grant Recipient

We have always believed that a woman has the wisdom and freedom to make her own choices and design her own future. Given the opportunity, every woman can inspire positive change for herself, her family, and her community.

Melissa, like so many that have become part of the WWIN family over the past quarter century, was a single mother who realized she had to face her past and take control of her future if her life was going to change for the better. Watch her inspiring story and see how, with a little help, her hope and courage transformed her future.

Star Story: Melissa

Building a Path In Life

Deep down inside we know where we belong, and we know that we have worth, and you need to just keep listening to that voice, because there is a path for you.

— Melissa, WWIN grantee

The first daughter of a young single mother, Jaliyah had no choice but to care for her siblings as her mother slipped further into addiction. Watch how she courageously turned feelings of doubt and resentment into a shining example of hope and confidence to keep her family united and inspired.

Star Story: Jaliyah

Someone In My Corner

I feel so blessed to be in that position where I can say I inspired my younger siblings to reach further.

— Jaliyah, WWIN Grantee

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Save the Date for next year's Luncheon on March 13, 2018!

Our annual Women of Courage Luncheon is an inspiring opportunity for WWIN's long-time supporters, first-time donors and grant recipients to get together and experience the transformative impact of this unique organization.

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