Happy 25th Anniversary to WWIN!

This month marks the 25th anniversary of WWIN, and there’s so much to celebrate! Our organization, sparked by one woman’s passion, has enabled more than 6,000 women across Washington to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Julia Pritt founded WWIN in 1992, inspired by her single mother’s struggles with poverty, poor health care and lack of education. Julia’s mother was her guiding star. And Julia believed that there is a star in every woman–that with the right support, each person can shine. Today, thousands of women across Washington are shining brighter because of Julia’s vision, drive and generosity.

WWIN would like to thank our thousands of donors and volunteers throughout the years. Your generosity makes our work possible and has been an enormous gift to the women we have served.

While we celebrate and honor all those who have sustained WWIN across the decades, we are realistic about the challenges ahead. Far too many women face the ongoing hardships of poverty, the trauma of domestic and sexual violence, and the insecurity of stable health insurance. In uncertain times, WWIN remains committed to women in need, and to the mission and vision that have always guided us:

Our vision is that every woman has a clear path in which to achieve her desired potential and enrich her world.

Our mission is To provide health and education grants to low-income women in Washington to help them improve their lives.

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