The need is great…

  • The Federal Poverty Level is $11,880 for a single woman and $24,300 for a family of four
  • More than 460,000 women in Washington live below the Federal Poverty Level
  • 51% of female-headed households with children in our state live below the Federal Poverty Level

Data from the United States Census Bureau 2015 American Community Survey.

Our Grants and Grantees

Each year, WWIN provides significant financial assistance for higher education and health care:

  • 164 grants, ranging from $200 to $5,000, were awarded in the last year
  • Since 1992 WWIN has provided over 6,251 grants to women
  • Our grantees’ average annual household income is just $12,583
  • All grantees have incomes below 138% of the Federal poverty level. Single grantees make less than $16,394 annually; families of four make less than $33,534 annually
  • 51% are employed full- or part-time
  • 11% receive public benefits
  • 50% have dependent children, and 39% are single mothers
  • The average age is 28 and the age range is 18-55
  • 45% are White/Caucasian and 55% are non-White
  • 39% are from the Seattle metropolitan area (King, Pierce, Snohomish Counties); 30% are from Western Washington, outside Seattle metropolitan area; and 31% are from Eastern Washington

About Our Education Grantees

  • They attend 41 community, public, private, and tribal colleges across the State
  • Their average cost of tuition, fees, books, and supplies for this academic year is $27,925
  • 50% are seeking an Associate’s degree or certificate and 50% are seeking a Bachelor’s degree
  • 49% are the first in their families to go to college
  • Their average GPA is 3.5

About Our Health Care Grantees

  • 69% receive funding for dental crowns and bridges to replace missing or broken teeth
  • 31% receive funding for glasses or contact lenses to see better at work, school, and home
  • 3% receive funding for mental health counseling, most of whom seek to work with trauma or PTSD specialists
  • Nearly 100% cite going back to school or work as goals and look to their WWIN grant to help them achieve this

How Our Work is Made Possible

100% of WWIN’s funding is donated by individuals, foundations, corporations, and community groups. We receive no government funding and are grateful to the generosity of our community of donors for supporting the transformative work our grants make possible!