Executive Director’s Update

There is a star in each of us…WWIN wants to let it shine! Fiscal year 2017 was a year of preparation for WWIN’s 25th Anniversary and now we are celebrating our biggest fundraising year in WWIN history.

It could not have been such a significant year without the support and dedication of our donors. Because of you, this year brought hope and opportunity to women across Washington. Here are some highlights:

WWIN Star Scholars are women who receive the opportunity to be considered for grant funding for each year of college, up to $20,000 over four years. We had 29 Star Scholars this year.

Four of those Star Scholars graduated this spring, including Tiffany, who earned her Associate’s degree in Nursing from Lake Washington Technical College. She told us, “It took a lot of perseverance but I wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for the support provided by my family, friends, and the AMAZING people at WWIN. I am incredibly thankful for this organization and everything it does to ensure that motivated women are not held back from reaching their goals due to financial obstacles.” She will be working with a home health agency caring for pediatric patients and plans to pursue her BSN degree.

WWIN Education Grant recipients continue to impress as well. All 91 grant recipients from FY17 are on track towards graduation, and they have an average GPA of 3.6. Many of them are maintaining these great grades while juggling caring for their families and working. Among them is Erin, who said, “WWIN has really helped me discover I am a strong, confident woman with a dream worth investing in.”

Twenty-nine of this year’s education grant recipients are graduating from colleges and universities across Washington. Their degrees are in fields including medical and social sciences, business, journalism, criminal justice, and education.

WWIN Health Care Grant recipients have truly benefited from their grants this past year. We have awarded 28 health care grants in FY17. Jennifer, who received dental services with her grant said, “WWIN gave me the gift of confidence and self-esteem, and made it possible to believe in myself. Now I can smile and laugh without feeling insecure. I can eat food easily. The love and help from complete strangers has given me a new look on life. My smile is real. I don’t have to hide it from anyone anymore.”

There are so many more stories to share! We invite you to stay connected with us through our Facebook page, where we regularly post updates about our grant recipients. We promise you’ll be inspired. In the meantime, thank you for a wonderful year, and for your ongoing support of the women of WWIN.

–Michelle Nitz, WWIN Executive Director

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Be a part of WWIN’s lasting legacy

As we celebrate 25 years of empowering women across Washington, there are many ways for our generous donors to support future generations of women in need of education and health care. We invite you to explore planned giving opportunities as a way to invest in a woman’s future.

A planned gift will:

  • Help maintain a thriving source of hope and opportunity for women
  • Offer numerous tax and financial benefits
  • Leave a legacy to be remembered by future generations

For more information, refer to WWIN’s planned giving page.