Celebrate with us!

When guests walk into WWIN’s 25th Anniversary Luncheon on March 21, they’ll be walking into WWIN’s past, present and future. Emceed by award-winning journalist Lori Matsukawa, the event will feature multiple generations of the WWIN family, from those who have supported WWIN from its earliest days as board members and donors, to grant recipients spanning a quarter century.

Twenty-five years ago WWIN founder Julia Love Pritt transformed a dark time in her life – one of loss and struggle – into an organization that has become a beacon of hope and dreams for thousands of Washington women and their families.

On March 21, WWIN luncheon guests will meet the friends who helped Julia start WWIN, members of her family, and some of the women whose lives Julia helped transform. One of these women is Linda, WWIN’s first ever grantee, who went from being a near-homeless single mother to achieving a degree in counseling and securing a job that supported herself and her children.

Today Linda is a supervisor at a nonprofit that offers counseling to low-income kids and families. She’ll share her experiences as a WWIN grantee at the luncheon. It’s a story she’s never stopped telling.

There’s no better way to celebrate Julia and WWIN than to spend time among the people who helped WWIN take flight 25 years ago, and the women whose lives changed because of them.

The board and staff of WWIN sincerely hope you will join us on March 21 for WWIN’s 25th Anniversary luncheon. Together we’ll celebrate our successes—past, present and future. Register now to be a part of history!